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Product Design

Skills  |  User Research · Data Analysis · Insights Gathering · Brainstorming · Sketching · Rapid Prototyping · 3D Modelling · Rendering · Teamworking

Dune is a concept of a furniture set designed for Cassina during a workshop with Ron Gilad and Eitan Sharif.
The brief was to create a product in keeping with the brand’s style which had to take into consideration children's influence on the living space. Our work, -a family of furniture elements made of a carpet, a stool, and a coffee table- explores different layers of meaning: to the eye of an adult, Dune appears to be just as s set of furniture elements, but to that of a child, it can unveil a whole playground: what looks like a wooden stool can be seen by a child as a marble slider and what appears as a padded rug becomes a set of race tracks.

The game has no beginning, no end and no rules: anyone can see what they want, imagination being the only limit.

The aim is to create an environment that makes both adults and kids feel like it has been designed for them, helping them cohabit the space harmoniously.