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Service Redesign

Skills  |  User Research · Data Analysis · Insights Gathering · Brainstorming · Wireframing · Prototyping · Usability Testing · Service Tools · Teamworking

With around 85 million users, BlaBlaCar is the most used carpooling platform in the world, allowing drivers and passengers with common destinations to share their trips.
The analysis of the service brought to light some issues related to personal safety and travel assistance, as well as the lack of additional services, functions and accessories to support the application. The redesign process therefore focused on improving the user experience, making it safer and tailored to customers features and needs.


From the analyzes carried out, it emerges an availability by drivers to make themselves available for small changes to the itinerary that meet the needs of passengers in the face of an increase in the economic compensation received. Furthermore, it also appears that 58% of the

users interviewed would consider it useful to have a support channel for sharing information or communications in real-time, such as road signs, traffic conditions or even vehicles breakdowns, to be able to request support and provide alerts to other users in transit on the same route.